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New article on Drew Barrymore & new magazine cover
posted on 2014 Nov 06

People magzine just published an interesting article about Drew, the title is... surprising, LOL You can read it here :  Drew Barrymore's Surprising Fragrance Fixation: Whale Vomit (Yes, We're Serious)

And in other news Drew Barrymore is gracing the cover of "Candis" in the UK this November. The pictures are in our gallery, as usual click on the thumbnails :

Drew Barrymore : Her Husband Makes it Impossible To Lose The Baby Weight
posted on 2014 Nov 06

Drew Barrymore says that her husband is quite a “foodie” and makes it “impossible to lose the baby weight.” The E.T. star, 39, opens up to E! about her new signature fragrances and the couple’s daughters Olive, 2, and Frankie, 6 months.

“He’s such an eater,” Drew says of her husband Will Kopelman. She adds: “And I love food, too, so this baby weight is going to stay on for a while. It’s just not easy with him because he is such a foodie.”

She went on to talk about their love of all things food and wine. “Date night,” she adds, “is always about trying a new restaurant or eating food on the couch [and] watching Top Chef—which we did last night.”

She adds: “The way to a man’s heart is his stomach.” When mama gets ready for events, Olive “sits on my lap,” Drew says, so “at least I feel like I’m getting time with her.”


Drew Barrymore was in Paris & other news !
posted on 2014 Oct 30

Drew took a little break from filming "Miss You Already" and was seen in Paris on Monday, with her husband. Too bad for me, I was there on Tuesday (boo hoo!). The Daily Mail has an article with super cute pictures, click here if you want to read!

In other news, we now have 4 articles / interviews in the press archive section of the site. Which means, it's available. More articles soon!

And finally, I have added 13 scans to our gallery. Drew was on the cover of an Italian magazine back in July, "Myself", I thought you might be interested. Click on the thumbnails below to view the photos.

Drew Barrymore can't wait to turn 40
posted on 2014 Oct 27

While many Hollywood stars dread the ageing process Drew Barrymore says getting older is something to celebrate. The Charlie’s Angels star will be turning 40 in February and insists she is excited rather than worried about reaching the milestone age.

“When I turn 40 on February 22, I’m going to heave a huge sigh of relief.

“I’m so happy to be there. I really am. You work so hard to get there and it’s just awesome,” says Drew, who has daughters Olive, two, and Frankie, six months, with husband Will Kopelman.

The star, who came to fame in 1982’s ET, is looking forward to her eldest daughter growing up so she can inherit her favourite designer shoes.

“I can’t wait until Olive can fit into my high heels.

"I have a wonderful shoe collection but none of them fit since I had the girls,” she added.

Drew Barrymore loves entertaining her husband Will Kopelman
posted on 2014 Oct 16

Drew Barrymore loves making her husband laugh.

The 39-year-old actress, who has two daughters, Olive, two, and Frankie, six months, with art consultant Will Kopelman, says she feels ''the prettiest'' when she is entertaining him with her interpretative comedy dances.

The 'Blended' star told PEOPLE magazine: ''I feel most beautiful when I'm making my husband laugh with my ridiculous dances.''

She added: ''I do interpretative comedy dances and he's laughing, and his laugh starts to sound almost like Santa Claus because it's such a high pitched capacity. That's when I feel the prettiest. I can't believe I'm telling you this!''

Drew feels more confident since becoming a mother and insists she has no regrets about any of her red carpet choices in the past.

She said: ''It's good to appreciate and remember to not be so hard on yourself because I bet it never looks as crazy as it does in your worried eyes. We have to be nicer to ourselves and we probably look thinner and younger and healthier and happier than we worried about in that moment.''

She added: ''Never get worried about what people say because it's good to not be afraid. And certainly to not be afraid about what people are going to say.''

Drew Barrymore and her impressive fake baby bump on Yorkshire set of "Miss You Already"
posted on 2014 Oct 07

Drew Barrymore gave birth to her second daughter only six months ago.

But the actress was straight back to showing off a bump when she filmed scenes for new comedy drama Miss You Already in the Yorkshire moors on Monday afternoon.

Drew Barrymore, despite looking like she'd already rapidly shed her baby weight, was flashing a fuller tummy under her woolen garbs as she wore a fake bump while battling the elements at the top of Ilkley Moor with fellow actress Toni Collette.

It was straight back into her acting shoes and straight back into her familiar baby bump for Drew however, as she strapped on a convincing mummy tummy under a black and white smock top. Hollywood actress Drew found herself in unfamiliar territory at the start of the week when she and her Australian counterpart Toni wrapped up to film scenes on misty Yorkshire Dales.

And, far from their more familiar tropical climates, the acting pair were forced to cover up in long woolen coats, gloves, hats and scarves to battle the British elements.

Mum-of-two Drew had been covering up her shape in the scene, after giving birth to daughter Frankie with husband Will Kopelman in April, but it was only later that the brunette beauty showed off her fake shape. 

Drew and Toni, who played lifelong friends who struggle to maintain their relationship when they're both hit by heartache, were filming an impassioned fight scene at the top of mountainous region.  

Scream actress Drew appeared to be the more enraged of the acting duo as she was seen lunging at Toni with an angry look on her face, while her counterpart remained calm.

Drew takes on the role of Jess, a town planner who lives a happy bohemian life with her partner Jago (Paddy Considine) until she struggles to conceive the baby she's always longed for.

Toni plays her best friend Milly, a high-flyer with two children and a husband Kit (Dominc Cooper) whose life is upturned when she is diagnosed with breast cancer.

The film follows the two best friends, who have been close since childhood, as they navigate through the hardships of adult life.

With the crew also wrapped up against the elements on top of a mountainous peak, the moors scene was a very real one as Drew and Toni were joined by a herd of sheep in front of a misty, mountainous backdrop.

And it seemed like Drew was most amused by it. The actress, who kept her new brunette locks hidden beneath a woolly hat gazed at the animals in awe and even smiled as she watched them being playful. Mother-of-two Drew even took to Instagram to share a picture of her new woollen friends, which she simply captioned '#mondays'.

Joining the all-star cast this week is Tyson Ritter of The All-American Reject, the 30-year-old musician who will play the young love interest of the pair.

Tyson Ritter Joins Drew Barrymore andToni Collette In "Miss You Already"
posted on 2014 Oct 02

Musician and up-and-coming thesp Tyson Ritter is cozying up to Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette for friendship comedy/drama Miss You Already. The All-American Rejects frontman and Parenthood actor is joining the shoot this weekend in London and will play the young love interest to one of the ladies.

Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette star as Milly and Jess, best friends who have shared everything since they were kids. Now, Milly has a high-flying job and lives in a beautiful townhouse with husband Kit (Dominic Cooper) and their two kids. Jess is a town planner and she and her boyfriend Jago (Paddy Considine) live on a bohemian houseboat on a London canal. Their friendship is tested when Jess struggles to have a baby and Milly finds out she has breast cancer. Jacqueline Bisset also stars as Milly’s mother.

Ritter says he’s “thrilled and humbled to be a part of this compelling project. To work with such exquisite talent behind and in front of the camera is an aspiring actor’s dream.” He’s got a recurring role on NBC’s Parenthood and has feature credits that include The House Bunny and Love And Mercy. He was due to play Gregg Allman in Midnight Rider before the film was halted after the tragic death of camera assistant Sarah Jones.

Drew Barrymore's daughter Olive 'reads' Tina Fey's memoir on the beach
posted on 2014 Aug 21

Like many mothers, she likely reads a variety of books to her child.

Now it looks like Drew Barrymore's adorable daughter Olive is keen to learn how to do it for herself.

On Wednesday, the 39-year-old shared an Instagram showing her little girl, who turns two next month, on the beach holding Tina Fey's book Bossypants and smiling radiantly as she flips through it.

The actress captioned the snap: 'One of my favorite girls reading one of my favorite books written by one of my favorite women! #tinafeyrules #summerreading'

The tot is wearing a colourful, one-piece swimsuit with a light blue hat protecting her white blonde hair as she sits on a lounger next to a towel.

Her mother, art consultant dad Will Kopelman and four-month-old sister Frankie aren't visible in the picture.


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